How to Build Confidence in Network Marketing

How to Build Confidence in Network Marketing

how-to-build-confidenceIf you are in a home business that requires recruiting and building a team, like network marketing, then you will have to know how to build confidence when you are talking to people.  And your fears and lack of confidence are not only affecting you, but possibly countless others.

Let me explain…..

To build any significant income in a home business, like network marketing or MLM, you will have to talk to people.

A LOT of people.

And if you are timid or shy, and you lack confidence, then good luck…

because most people will turn you away,

and they will not be interested in your home business.

Your prospects have 3 basic questions that they may never even ask you:

1- Can I really do this?

2- Can I (earn) get my money back?

3- Are you (as their sponsor) the one who can help them do this?

If you have no confidence or strong posture, they will not put a lot of faith into you.

VIDEO: How to Build Confidence in Network Marketing

So How Do YOU Build Confidence in Network Marketing?

You have to KNOW that you can help them cross the finish line and have success. If you don’t know exactly how to do that, then lean on the knowledge that leaders on your team or in your company have. Follow in their footsteps.

Focus on your end goal of what you are looking to achieve financially and carry the confidence and posture you would have then…into your daily life now.

So if your end goal is $10,000 per month, and right now you are not even making $100/month, then think about how you would feel when you DO have $10,000/mo. How would you carry yourself? You would probably be much more relaxed because you already achieved it. You’d probably have more confidence, because you believed you could do it and you did it! And you would have much stronger posture.

Go forward “as if” you already achieved it.

Bring that strong confidence and posture to your daily life TODAY, as you go through your daily activities now, and as you talk to prospects now.

Your prospects will be much more attracted to you.

This is NOT a “fake it until you make it” kind of deal. This is a “knowing” in your heart that you have what it takes to achieve the level of success you desire.

Probably the most powerful way to build confidence in network marketing, which I sadly did not get into the video, is by focusing on the reason “WHY”you are doing a home business anyway.  Do you have a cause or a purpose you are fighting for? Is it for your kids or a charity or that you have a passion to get out of your current living situation into a better environment?  Maybe you are so sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck and you are bound and determined to make a better life for yourself.  Let your PASSION for making a change for yourself (or maybe it’s a passion to help others live a better life than they are living now), let your PASSION be your driving force in your prospecting and recruiting for your home business.

When you speak with passion, others will latch onto you and follow you. They will want to do what you are doing so they can live a better life.  Don’t be afraid to show your passion.  People want to be part of a movement.  They want to be part of something. When you let your fear hold you back, you not only affect yourself, but countless others who could be impacted by what you are doing.

It’s time to step UP! And stand OUT! And move forward with confidence!!
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Here’s to your success!

Sarah Bailey


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