How to Talk to Friends and Family at Holiday Events for Network Marketing

How to Talk to Friends and Family at Holiday Events for Network Marketing

talk family at holiday partiesSo do you want to know how to talk to family and friends at holiday parties about your network marketing business?  Read on for my #1 strategy for knowing how to prospect at these events.  I can almost guarantee you (and your family members) will breathe a sigh of relief!

I can see many of you with sparkles in your eyes excited about the opportunity to tell everyone you know about your home business.  

Imagine a whole room full of people you can prospect about network marketing.

I have one super awesome strategy you can use at these events. My #1 Strategy.

You want to know what it is??

Here it is:


Don’t prospect your friends and family at holiday parties and events.

Those gatherings are meant to be social occasions.  Low key. Relaxing.  People do NOT want to be “prospected” or “sold to” at a casual family affair.

BUT there is one thing you CAN do, that I’d advise. And that is to spend time talking to your family and friends and getting to know them better. Be genuinely interested in them and what they have going on in their lives right now.

Ask questions that will help you uncover a need they might have that your business or product(s) can fill. THEN you call them up a couple days later or the following week, and say that you remember them mentioning _____ (whatever need you uncovered), and that you are partnered up with a company that does _______, and it made you think of them.  Then say that “it may or may not be for you, but I thought I would at least let you check it out and see for yourself.”  Something like that.

The video will give you more ideas. And this other article I wrote will help you know what to say if you are at networking events to build rapport with people. It will also help you build rapport in conversation with friends and family at holiday parties and events.

So that’s it! Have FUN with friends and family at holiday parties. Relax. Have a good time.  People like to do business with those they know, like and trust, and it’s much easier to build the trust relationship with them when you are not pressuring them about business at social gatherings.
Here’s to your success!

Sarah Bailey


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