Daily Routine for Facebook Prospecting for Your Home Business

Daily Routine for Facebook Prospecting for Your Home Business


facebook prospecting daily routine home businessNow that we are off to a start in the new year, you might be looking for a daily routine for Facebook prospecting for your home business. Facebook prospecting is a fantastic way to grow your business because the people you are friends with on Facebook are already either your warm market or lukewarm market. At any point, your friends on Facebook can check out your wall, your Timeline to see the kind of content you post, they can see your pictures and get an idea of who you are and whether they’d like to partner up with you.

It’s infinitely easier to prospect on Facebook than by calling cold leads or recruiting professionals. Personally, I have recruited over 180 people into my businesses from Facebook alone.

But there’s definitely a right way to do it and a wrong way. I’ve written many other blogposts about this topic on my blog and you can go to the search bar on my blog and type in Facebook and see a bunch of articles on it.

BUT you are looking for a daily routine for Facebook prospecting for your home business and here it is:

> Create 3-5 posts per day at times of the day when you get the most engagement. For me it’s at 9 am EST, 12-1 pm EST, 5-7 pm EST and 8-10 pm EST. I tend to get more engagement in the evenings than any other time during the day.

> Add 5-10 new friends per day). Remember, that each time you add a friend, make sure you send them a message with the reason why you want to connect. (In most cases, it’s because you are “looking to connect with other like-minded people.” Never, ever, ever say, “I’m looking to connect in the hopes that you’ll join my business” ; that’s just downright silly.)

> Start new conversations with 3-10 people per day. Even if you could average 5 people per day, you are in great shape.

> Aim for introducing your business to at least 3-5 people per day, but on this one, the timing has to be right. Don’t rush it just to hit a number of presentations sent to people. Do it at the right time. Here is an article that will help you with the timing, called Conversation Starters.

What to Post in Your 3-5 Posts Per Day:

– something funny

-something about your daily life

– something inspirational

– something motivational

– pictures

– Engaging questions- for ideas, do a Google search on “Conversation Starters” and you will find lots and lots of ideas of questions to ask. For example, “If you could eat only one type of meal every day for an entire month, what meal would you pick?” or, “If you could have a vacation house would you choose to have one by the ocean, in the mountains or on a lake?” These questions get people thinking and engaging, and responding on your posts. You can message each one of these people and start a conversation with them, see what they’ve been up to lately.

Mix it up. Post all sorts of different kinds of posts, because you will reach different people with each type of post you do. When you post a success quote, you will get likes and comments from more entrepreneurial type people. When you post pictures about family, you will get another group of people. When you post an engaging question, you will get answers from several different types of people- some entrepreneurial, some friends and family, etc.

What NOT to Post:

– Negative content

– Politics

– Complaints

– Pornography, (duh. Did I really need to mention that?!?!)

– Links for your business (do not spam your wall, or Heaven forbid, anyone else’s wall with links for your home business. It is NOT attractive and it will turn people off!).

It is okay to post about your business about 10% of the time, but even when you do that, you don’t need to post a link. For example, in the home business I’m in (which is an eCommerce business), once in awhile I will create a post about how easy it was to make a sale, or how many sales I was able to create in a short period, and every time I do this I get 1-3 signups in my business. And this is WITHOUT ME POSTING A LINK ABOUT MY BUSINESS.

For example, I recall one post I did that went something like, “Oh my gosh! I just sold 7 patio sets in 36 hours and never even had to touch the product. I made a nice little profit of about $400. Not bad for about 20 minutes of work.” I posted a photo to go with it (remember, photos are more engaging than text alone), but I did NOT post a link about my business, and I did NOT ask people to message me. I simply shared my excitement and because of that people reached out to me. From that post, I had 3 signups right away, and then a few other signups came out of it within the following couple of months, because people remembered that post of mine.

KNOW who your target market is and speak to that. Post about things they might care about.

So when it’s time to post about your business, post in a way that is light and fun, and shares your excitement about what’s going on in your business. An easy way to think about it is this: pretend the post you are creating is something you are telling your best friend, who you know is never going to join your business, but you want to let them know how you’re doing. And the way you are sharing the info is not in a way that is trying to recruit them necessarily; you just want to share something fun.

Or, if you are in a health and wellness company, and one of your products is for weight loss, then your business post might be an article about something related to the dangers of obesity. Or maybe you post an article you saw about fun ways to exercise to help get that weight off.

Remember that Facebook is “social” so keep it light and friendly and social. If you are doing Facebook prospecting, keep it focused on the friendship, on the relationship. Do not rush in to talk about your business.

It may seem like it’s taking awhile to get the conversation going before you get to the point about your business, but it’s important you do this.

People like to do business with those they know, like and trust, and it’s rare that people will want to join your business before they get to know you a little bit, especially on Facebook. And if after you get to know someone, if they don’t want to join your business right then, no big deal. You’ve got another friend now. Maybe at some point in the future, they will come around and want to join you.

It may seem slow at first as you start this daily routine, but over time, if you are consistent with starting new conversations each day, and every day you keep those conversations going, it will start to add up, you will get some momentum going and you will start enrolling people in your business. You just have to get it up and running.

Remember that some people will join you in your home business, some people won’t. But don’t worry about it. Focus on the friendship, focus on the connection. You may be able to help each other in other ways with other types of referrals, and sometimes things come back around and people will seek you out to join you in business…….that is, if you do it right….. you focus on the friendship, not spamming them and not pushing your business on them. Be genuinely interested in the people you talk with.

Give yourself 90 days of consistency with this daily routine for Facebook prospecting and you will see a significant change in your results in your home business.
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Here’s to your success!

Sarah Bailey




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  1. Alma January 11, 2016 at 5:25 pm #

    Enjoy this information very much, do have few people that responded to my post on INFINii and haven’t done much contacting with them. Thanks

  2. Sarah Bailey January 15, 2016 at 3:16 pm #

    Connecting with them is key. Focus on building a relationship with them through Facebook Messenger. Good luck!

  3. John Agbo June 26, 2017 at 4:11 am #

    This is really great. Thanks for sharing this article.

  4. Alice December 6, 2017 at 12:25 am #

    Fabulous content. Your video post really helped me to understand Facebook much better. I am the Baby Boomer that was scared of social media (lol)😊 slowly but surely I’m improving and your blog will be very instrumental in my progress. Thanks Again Sarah!

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