Getting the Law of Averages to Work in Your Favor: Tips From Jim Rohn

Law of Averages imageWhether you are in Network Marketing or Direct Sales, you can improve your odds of success with an understanding of how the Law of Averages works, and by following these simple tips below.   Of the prospects you speak with, how many of them say yes to what you have to offer (product, service, business opportunity)?  According to network marketing rock star, Jim Rohn, the Law of Averages says that if you do something often enough a ratio will begin to appear.  If you talk to 10 people and 1 says yes, a ratio will begin to appear; you are at 1:10.  You’ll notice that once it starts, it tends to continue.   If you talk to 10 you’ll get 1.  Talk to 10 more, get 1.

As you improve your skills in talking with people and get more experience, your ratio will improve.  In the beginning, you will make up in numbers what you lack in skills.  Your ratio may be 1:15 or 1:30, but as your skills improve, so will your numbers.

Having your ratio tells you how many people you will need to talk to in order to sponsor the number of people you are going for.  So, if your ratio is 1:20 and you want to sponsor 1 person per week into your MLM, you know that you will need to share your business with 20 people per week.  In the early days, just KNOW that you are going to mess up, a lot.  But don’t let that prevent you from getting out there and talking to people.

I knew that I was going to mess up, but just having that knowledge really took the pressure off and made it easier to get out there and make my phone calls.  I felt bad for some of the people I talked with since they were on the receiving end of my fumbling and stumbling, but that is just the way it goes.  Sometimes it was downright embarrassing, but I got through it, and you can too!

If you want to get to the other side, and have more success and easy conversations with people, then you are going to have to do what successful people do, and that is get out there and talk to people.  Step out of your comfort zone.

How do you improve your ratio? Here are a few ideas:
–    Smile when you are on the phone
–    Have a good time on the phone or when you meet with people
–    Call more people!
–    Have good posture
–    Have confidence
–    Have a strong belief in yourself, your product/service, your company
–    Stick with it
–    KNOW that you can do it
–    Have conviction in your voice
When your prospect sees you or hears you over the phone with passion and conviction in your voice and that you truly believe in what you are doing, you will be unstoppable.

Here is something Jim Rohn did in his early days in MLM and how he used the Law of Averages to get where he wanted.  When prospecting his family, friends and neighbors he’d say something like “I’ve got a new business that I would like to share with you.  I’m getting about 3:10 that join, but I don’t mind that you just come to the meeting and be one of the seven.  You’re my friend, you’ll do me a favor.  It’s not important to me that you like it or that you buy, just that you listen.”

That’s brilliant! His invitation totally took the pressure off his friends, and that was likely one of the keys to his success.   As you do your prospecting and presentations, start to keep track of the number of people you prospect and how many of them end up joining your business.  Find your ratio.  Continue to work on your skills.  You’ll see that the more people you talk to, the better you will get and the more the Law of Averages will work in your favor in your MLM or Direct Sales business.

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