Consistent Action is a Key to Success in Network Marketing

Ocean wave consistent actionWhile on vacation in Puerto Rico I spent some time on the beach.  Watching the waves made me think about network marketing.  There are some parallels between the waves in the ocean and network marketing.  If you study the waves, you’ll see that they just keep coming in, over and over.  Sometimes there are sets of big waves and other times sets of smaller waves.

It’s like that in your network marketing business. If you are consistent with your business, you will have times when things are booming; it’s like big sets of waves.  Things are coming and coming and you are having success.  You are sponsoring people, talking to people and you are having lots of success.

There are other times in your business where things slow down. Times when things aren’t happening the way you want them to.  It’s like the smaller sets waves.  But the key is not to give up.  If things slow down in your business, do not give up.  Do not slow down on your prospecting.  Stick with it. Even the waves go through times of bigger sets and smaller steps, but they do not stop; they consistently come into the shore.

Sometimes you will have a wave that just knocks you off your feet.  But you have to get back up and get back in the game again.  You’ve got to stick with it.  Stay in the game, because it is a business, and in network marketing and MLM, it is based on all of your own effort.  When times are tough, you hang in there and be consistent. You will have times of prosperity when things are going well and then you are going to have times in your MLM business where things are stalling and just not happening fast enough.  But keep prospecting, keep talking to people and you will have a great business.

The most successful people in network marketing get there because of consistent action.  The big difference between the people who have thousands of people in their downlines and the people who haven’t sponsored many people at all has a lot to do with the shear numbers of people they talk to.  The heavy hitters have likely been at it longer, and are talking to many, many, many more people.  Like waves in the ocean, they keep pressing forward and stay in action.  So what’s holding you back? If you want the success they have, then be more consistent, talk to more people, and stick with it.

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2 Responses to Consistent Action is a Key to Success in Network Marketing

  1. Adrienne April 28, 2011 at 1:10 pm #

    Great analogy Sarah, I love the comparison. I can’t tell you how many times things slowed down in my business but if you work through them, everything seems to work itself out. Like we discussed today on the phone, having faith, believing in yourself and knowing that everything will work itself out is crucial to your overall success. Never giving up and definitely never giving in is the key! Just like those waves, sometimes they knock you over but you know what! They sure are fun to play in…


  2. Sarah Bailey July 25, 2011 at 11:19 pm #

    Thanks, Adrienne.
    Consistency is so key and sometimes a challenge, which is one reason why it is great to be surrounded by so many positive and like-minded people! I enjoyed speaking with you today as well!

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