Take Charge of Your MLM Prospecting

Are you in charge of your MLM Prospecting? Do you have a fear of the phone? Do you ever get on a call and say something and wonder, ‘why did I say that?’ How about the times when you feel strong when you pick up the phone, but when you speak to someone who you think has more authority or a higher position than you that you get all weak?  It happens to most of us.  As you get more experience in prospecting you will be able to take control of your prospecting more and more.  In the video below, I take you through one of my afternoons prospecting.  It was a little embarrassing with my first call, because I totally let the prospect control the situation. He clearly had more sales experience than me and I wasn’t ready for him.

I just recently switched network marketing companies and my sponsor/business partner suggested I call a few car dealerships in the area since we have a great program that allows our distributors to get a very nice luxury car at the second rank level of advancement. My goal in the call was to let the sales managers know I was looking for a contact person for them when people start earning their cars, and also to send them a video about our company and check their interest level.

You’ll see in the video that the first sales manager has had many years’ experience in the industry and had a very commanding personality. He asked all sorts of questions and my posture quickly changed, and in the end, he had very little interest in talking to me.

If this happens to you, get on the phone with your sponsor, mentor, or business partner for guidance. I called my business partner, told him what happened; he gave me a few great tips on how to get back in control of my prospecting and get back on the phone again with more dealerships.  I did this and each call got easier and easier.
By improving my posture, tone of voice, level of confidence it changed everything.  The next few calls went much better and I even had one guy who said “are you hiring?”

So here’s the deal:

–       In the beginning, practically everyone struggles with their prospecting

–       Practice with a business partner, mentor, or someone on your team

–       Be in control when you are on the phone

–       Speak with confidence

–       Realize you have something valuable to offer people; some of these people really need what it is you have to offer

–       You be the one asking questions

–       If you don’t ask, it’s very unlikely that you will receive
It is important that you stay in control and in charge of the conversation.  Remember, whoever asks the questions, is the person who is in control of the conversation.  It is really important that you be the person who asks most of the questions and let the prospect do the talking.

We all go through periods where we don’t feel very confident on the phone, but the best way to get better is to practice, practice, practice. You can practice with your sponsor, business partner, friend, family member, or even your favorite pet.  You might even want to record yourself when you are on the phone with prospects. Doesn’t matter. Just get back on that horse again.  Make the calls.  Just do it.

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4 Responses to Take Charge of Your MLM Prospecting

  1. Brian Early August 28, 2011 at 9:20 pm #

    Great advice Sarah! I love how you decided you weren’t gonna let one call hold you back; instead you decided to learn from it and get better. Nice job!

  2. Sarah Bailey August 28, 2011 at 9:26 pm #

    Thanks Brian! That’s right. we get better with practice, not by giving up.

  3. Simon September 14, 2011 at 8:38 am #

    Sarah I just love your energy and enthusiasm.
    This was an incredible video diary of your experience calling the car dealership.
    I would never have thought about calling a car dealership. I have a lot to learn.
    I suppose when one gets a real sponsor like you have then its possible to make it in Network Marketing.
    Thank you so much for this article and video Sarah.

    Keep shining.

  4. Sarah Bailey September 15, 2011 at 12:06 am #

    Thank you Simon for the kind words. And yes, you can talk to practically everyone out there. Car salesmen are often “go-getters” and motivated and good people to talk to about your business.

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