Those Darn Dream Stealers!

dream stealers network marketingIf you are in Network Marketing you have(or someone you know has) undoubtedly come across dream stealers, people who tell you you can’t do it or won’t have success and they try to steal your dreams.  The question is, are you going to let them? People who are new to network marketing or who are not having much success in the industry are usually quite susceptible to outside influences.  If you don’t know who you are when you come into this industry, you will have an uphill battle until you can go through some growth and development.

Know why you are in this business.  What first attracted you to the business you are in? or to network marketing in general?  If you have a solid “why” and you KNOW who you are, you can do well.  If you have a “wait and see” attitude about joining your NM business, you won’t have any positive, measurable results.  If your desire is greater than your fear, you will do well.

You have to know you will make mistakes, and not worry about it.  You have to know that people will say no to you, and be okay with that.  You have to be an oceanliner who is going from point A to point B, and nothing is going to stop you. You have to not care what other people think.

Sometimes NM gets a bad reputation and one of the reasons is that many network marketers end up chasing their friends and family.  Here’s a newsflash for you. Don’t be like that. Be someone different. Be a part of the solution and help to change the image of this industry.

What other industry allows you the freedom to be exactly the person you want to be? To set your own schedule. To be paid what you are worth.   If you are not used to handling rejection, you are in for not only a rude awakening, but also a tremendous opportunity to expand yourself, to stretch yourself and to grow into your fullest potential, if you embrace it and allow it to happen.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit you are different than 95% of the population. You may think your business (and the industry of free enterprise) is the greatest thing. However don’t be surprised, when 95% of the people you approach about your business say they don’t want to join you.

Many people come into this industry timid and afraid to share what they have because they don’t want to look stupid in front of their friends and family. Well I’ve got news for you. If you don’t approach them with passion, conviction, and confidence in what you are doing, you won’t win many people over to your team.

The people who have success in this industry are those who have passion about what they are sharing with others. They have conviction. They know what they are doing and where they are going.

People new to this industry aren’t so sure of themselves. They want to see how it goes and share it with a few people. If they look for validation from others, and those others are part of the 95% of the population who are not entrepreneurial minded, then guess what? The people they talk to will talk them out of it.

They say things like “those things never work,” “that’s a pyramid deal, don’t do that,” “only the people at the top make the real money.” These people are the dream stealers and you know what? They most likely have never had success in this industry, don’t know much about NM at all, and are not likely successful in the job that they have. And they certainly probably have never made much money in their lives. And since they are not experiencing financial freedom, they don’t want you to either.

People that don’t want you to have success are likely threatened by the thought of you making more money than them, or that you’ll change, but they won’t admit this to you.

My best advice for you: SEEK ADVICE FROM THOSE WHOM YOU WANT TO EMULATE! Ask for help from those people who have what you want in life. Do not go to the people who lack. Do not seek advice from people who are not having success.

Look, it would be great if our close family and friends would support you in everything you do, but when you try something new, they will discourage you, even though they are trying to show you love, they are really stealing your dreams.

They may THINK they know your potential, but only YOU really do. So if you have dreams to go out there and make something for yourself, then GO DO IT!!!! Yes, you will fail, but fail forward. Learn from your mistakes. Pick yourself back up and continue moving forward toward your goals. Michael Jordan got kicked off his basketball team when he was in high school. Where would he be right now if he took that advice from that coach????

Who are you listening to? If you are being pulled/drawn towards being your own boss, to creating a better life for yourself and your family, or for others around you. If you want a new car, new house, better life, charities, etc, then don’t let ANYONE hold you back.

Do NOT let the dream stealers pull you away from what you know you are fully capable of.

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6 Responses to Those Darn Dream Stealers!

  1. Toni Purdy November 1, 2011 at 2:28 pm #

    So proud to have you as a business partner and friend. You have such a passionate heart and a way of helping others see what they maybe didn’t see in themselves before. So glad we finally got to meet in person and any one who has the chance to work with you and learn from you is truly blessed!

  2. Sarah Bailey November 1, 2011 at 2:31 pm #

    Thank you Toni! It was so great to meet you as well and I look forward to working with you too!

  3. Rick Herbst November 3, 2011 at 1:03 am #

    How many different nuggets can I extract from this?! Dynamite post Sarah! To realize a dream and make it real is what separates the doer’s from the thinkers. And the “stealers” are neither. They look to dismantle, destroy and kill everything that will call attention to their own inadequacies.
    Rick Herbst recently posted…Are You Setting A Pace For Your Success?My Profile

  4. Pawel Stepien November 3, 2011 at 2:48 am #

    Sarah… although we never met in person but I have heard about you from Rick Herbst. I had been reading your articles on and off and every time you are right on the bulls eye when it comes to NM. I can definitely rely to that article in my first steps in NM… every time I wanted to quit because of those “dream stealers” my heart whispered “don’t do it… don’t do it…don’t do it”…. and I never quit… Visauls is my second rodeo in NM and I truly believe it is the last. Hopefully, I will have a pleasure to meet you at the next national… thanks for sharing your wisdom and God Bless. Pawel

  5. Sarah Bailey November 3, 2011 at 10:59 am #

    Thanks for the kind words, Pawel. It’s so great to hear that you are one to never quit. All the people that you are helping now and in the future thank you for not giving up. Awesome!!

  6. Sarah Bailey November 3, 2011 at 11:01 am #

    Rick, you are dead on when you say that the dreamstealers are actually callling attention to their own inadequacies! Great insight!!

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