Why Millions of People Are Taking a Second Look at Network Marketing

take second look network marketingPeople unfamiliar with the Network Marketing don’t know what they are missing. Their perception of this industry may be tainted by the numerous misconceptions out there by this often misunderstood industry, but I’ll tell you what.

Because of the downturn in this economy and the huge number of people that are now unemployed, people that would never have even glanced at Network Marketing are now taking a second and third look, and now with a more open mind than ever.

According to an industry leader, Ray Higdon, over 90% of people are unfulfilled in their current jobs.   The Network Marketing industry is a $120 billion industry and is growing.  People from “mainstream” business are buying or partnering up with Network Marketing companies and are bringing more credibility to the industry.  Warren Buffet, the second richest man in the world has bought 9 Network Marketing companies, Donald Trump bought one, Richard Branson (owner of Virgin Airlines, Virgin Records and many other companies) has the largest Network Marketing company in the UK, Citibank has one.

Over 180,000 people per week are joining Network Marketing. Why is that? Take a look at how millions of people are impacted by this down economy.  People losing jobs, their homes, their livelihoods. The bad thing about this economy is that so many people are without jobs. But I have talked to many people who have seen the blessing behind that. They were relieved of jobs they didn’t even really want anymore. Now they find themselves with the spare time to dream again. To dream about what they really want in life and what is important to them.

It’s a time of tremendous opportunity!  Think about the fundamental reason why people have jobs.  In the most basic sense, it’s to get money, right? Money to help pay for bills, buy things and basically survive, right?  A job is basically a vehicle to help people get through life.  Same thing with Network Marketing, only in this field, with a few major differences:

–       In Network Marketing you are only limited by your mind and your personal hang-ups

–       You can achieve whatever you set your mind to

–       There is no limit to the amount of money you can make

–       There is no limit to your dreams

–       You set your own schedule

–       You call the shots

–       If you want to make it happen, YOU can make it happen

–       Go on vacation when you want

–       Work only with people you like

–       Make as much money as you want

–       You determine your income, not your boss

–       Take time off to spend with kids, family, friends

–       Your time is your own!

The successful marketers help people to dream again. To really think about what they want in life and to show them what the possibilities are by owning your own business.  And to actually get their lives back. Who runs your life? You? Your boss? Your job? Family?

In Network Marketing you are only limited by your mind. You can achieve anything you want to. Look at billionairres Warren Buffet, Richard Branson, Donald Trump; each one of them is a dreamer who goes after his dreams.  The possibilities and income you can generate in this industry are unlimited.  In Network Marketing, you get the chance to dream again, to pursue those dreams, and to bring those dreams into reality.  What are you waiting for?

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2 Responses to Why Millions of People Are Taking a Second Look at Network Marketing

  1. Daniel Dos Santos December 2, 2011 at 11:39 pm #

    Great Article Sarah. Lots of great numbers to take note of here. Was especially surprised to know some of the big names in business like Donald, Warren and Richard have all purchased companies…Exciting times 🙂

  2. Sarah Bailey December 2, 2011 at 11:54 pm #

    Thanks, Daniel. It’s great to know that leaders of traditional business are now taking a serious look at network marketing. 🙂

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