What Do A Dog And A Nail Have To Do With Your Success In Network Marketing?


What does a dog and a nail have to do with your MLM business

What could you learn from a dog and a nail to have success in Network Marketing?  Behind this story is a HUGE reason why prospect won’t sign up and distributors never make it in this industry.

Do you ever wonder why so many prospects do not sign up with you, even though you can see very clearly WHY they need a business opportunity like yours? You see their struggles and their need for more money, and yet they don’t join your business.

You see the great things that Network Marketing offers, you see that your prospect has the need for more money (to pay bills, get out of debt, save for retirement or college, to achieve financial freedom or time freedom, to go on vacations, etc).  You see that Network Marketing will provide the prospect with financial freedom and time freedom to enjoy things in life but the prospect doesn’t yet see it that way, and it’s very frustrating, right?

You see the same thing with distributors on your team. They joined you, but are now just sitting there doing nothing. You see their pain and know what Network Marketing can do for them and you wonder why they won’t take action.

A little story will help illustrate one very basic reason WHY people will not join your business or any other Network Marketing business for that matter, and WHY distributors never do anything.  There are many reasons why, but understanding this one basic reason will give you a clearer picture and relieve YOU of your need to convince them that your opportunity is right for them (there should be no convincing anyway, but that’s a topic for another time).

It’s the story of the dog and the nail.  So one day this man goes on a walk and as he’s walking down the street in his neighborhood he walks past a house where, out in the front yard sits a dog who is whimpering and crying.  The man was a little concerned but kept on walking.  This continued every day for two weeks; everyday he’d walk past this house and the dog would be crying.  So finally the man went up to the dog owner’s house and said to the man, “every day I walk past your house, your dog is whimpering and crying. Why is that?”  To which the dog owner replied, “because he’s sitting on a nail.”  Puzzled, the neighbor asked the homeowner, “why is he sitting on a nail?” And the man answered, “because the nail doesn’t hurt bad enough.”

How does this relate to your business?   When it comes to prospecting or inspiring your team to take action, the “pain” in your prospect’s life (or in your distributor’s life)  as to hurt bad enough  so that it propels them forward to take action until they achieve their goals.

You can’t want it more than them.

They have to want it enough for themselves and sometimes that is hard to watch.  People are often scared of change. They feel more comfortable living their current uncomfortable situation rather than face change.

Your desire for success or achieving your dreams, has to be greater than any pain you have right now.  It has to be greater than any fears you may face along your path to success.  Some people have a fear of failure (can I do what you do? What if I don’t? etc). Some people fear success (can I handle it?  What do I do with distributors when they sign up?  Can I lead them?  What will people think of me if I do make a lot of money?  Will my friends change if I have success?).  There are obviously many fears that people face. 

You can’t get someone off their nail, but you can get off your own nail if YOUR pain is great enough.  You CAN help people identify their reasons why they would want to join your business, show them how your business can help them get beyond their pain and into their dreams, but the ultimate decision of getting into action comes down to each individual.  And the timing may or may not be right for them right now.  Do not get attached to the outcome.

If your why is strong enough, if the nail hurts you enough, then you will not be deterred by anyone who says no to you.  You will find a way to break through. Go look for other people who are in your same position, who want to breakthrough their pain, their nail, to achieve success.

After you share your business with them, pull back a little with them, give them some breathing room, show them what you’ve got and say “this business may or may not be for you” and let them decide, then at some point they may come back to you when the timing IS right.

If you find out their why, show them your opportunity, show them how it can help them get to their goals, that is all you can do.  You can lead a horse to water…….



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4 Responses to What Do A Dog And A Nail Have To Do With Your Success In Network Marketing?

  1. Michael Rallis December 10, 2011 at 11:04 am #

    Hi Sarah, Thanks for the reminder that we need to lead our friends and family off the nail! Words can not explain how fantastic it is to team with the greatest leaders any business has assembled.

  2. Sarah Bailey December 10, 2011 at 12:25 pm #

    Hi Michael,
    You are too kind! Thank you very much! And yes, I consider it a huge blessing to be a part of this wonderful team.

  3. Kent Smith December 10, 2011 at 7:44 pm #

    Hey Sarah! Enjoyed your post. You always have such good content. Look forward to reading more of your articles.

  4. Sarah Bailey December 11, 2011 at 1:39 am #

    Hey Kent,
    Thank you so much!! And I enjoy the content you put out as well. Have a great night!

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