Do YOU Have These 7 Key Traits of a Leader in MLM?

Leadership keys to success MLM network marketingMillions of people come into the MLM industry all starry-eyed with hopes of making their fortunes here, but few have the key traits of being a leader and earning the type of income they are looking for. No doubt, the top leaders are the ones making the big bucks.   Did it happen for them overnight? No.  Did they get there by watching tv and not making phone calls? Of course not.   These leaders get to that point with a lot of hard work and dedication.  So what does it take to get there?

If you want the results that the 6 and 7-figure earners in our industry achieve, then model after them.  If you want to be a leader in your company and in this industry, then develop the traits of the leaders around you.

Remember that success leaves clues. 

Tony Robbins, one of the Top 50 Success Coaches in the world, is a huge proponent of modeling after others.  The more you model after the leaders you like, the more you will become like them and start to attract the people that they attract. Tony even goes to the extent of mirroring the hand gestures, the tilt of the head, body posture, tone and cadence of voice etc, when modeling after successful people. (See his books “Awaken The Giane WIthin,” and “Unlimited Power.” 

Take the childhood game of Follow-the Leader and adapt it to your network marketing business.  One of the leaders I am following right now is Ray Higdon, Top Earner in his primary company.  In a Leadership course of his he revealed 7 specific traits of leaders in our industry that helped him achieve success and can help you as well:

      1.  Bring value that encourages others to follow. For true success in this industry, it is not about chasing the money, it’s about providing value. Find out people’s needs, wants and desires, and help them solve problems.

         2.  Make the “Decision” to be a leader.  You are not just “sometimes” a leader. Commit to it.  Think about your daily habits. (I will cover this in my next post).  Give people the truth rather than telling them what they simply want to hear. (it creates short timers, false expectations)

         3. Personal growth– every day work on this. Study, read, learn, watch and listen to personal growth materials.  The more you grow personally, the bigger your team and bank account will grow.        

         4. Create other leaders, not followers. Don’t make your business all about you, but lift others on your team.  Recognize them. When you have team calls, mention their accomplishments or rank advancements. Have team members run meetings, events, or give them exposure, delegate.  It will actually make you look better and you are doing the right thing.

         5.  Know the obstacles of the industry and do not try to hide or conceal them, but instead shine light on them and help others overcome them.

         6.  Qualify more people than you pitch.  Not everyone is right for this business. Get good at asking questions and learning about a person before you even pitch them on the business. The more you learn about people, the more you will know whether you even want them in your business.

         7.  Do not look at your MLM as a hobby, but as a million dollar business, and treat it that way.

If you have this mindset, everything will come easier to you.  Also recognize that it is not a sprint, but a marathon.  Knowing this, you won’t rush to pitch every single person into your business.  Develop these 7 traits of a leader in your MLM business and apply them daily.  It begins with your mindset. Develop the mindset of a leader. Follow other leaders in the industry and do what they do.

For other great tips from Ray, click here to check out his blog.

To Your Success!

Sarah Bailey


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2 Responses to Do YOU Have These 7 Key Traits of a Leader in MLM?

  1. Shawn McNeil December 12, 2011 at 6:39 pm #

    Hello Sarah,
    Great post about the traits of a leader in this business. Ray Higdon offers a lot of valuable incite in this area.

  2. Sarah Bailey December 12, 2011 at 6:51 pm #

    Hey Shawn,
    I agree with you. He’s a great guy to follow. I look forward to connecting with you.

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