Energize Your Network Marketing Business Two Ways This Holiday Season

energize network marketing businessDo you de-stress or do more work for your Network Marketing business during the holidays?  The holidays are upon us at this very instant, and a large majority of people will be taking time off.  As a network marketer, will you spend more time decompressing or sharpening your business skills doing extra prospecting?  Whichever way you go, here are a few simple tips for maximizing your time.

I’ve been excited for this time between Christmas and New Year’s as a time to be with family, however, I am excited to grow my business and turn a new corner in profitability, which makes me want to dive into learning as much as I can about our industry and call a bunch of prospects.

If You Decide to “Actively” Grow Your Business

Some people may think it is a bad time to call prospects because everyone is “checked out” and decompressing, but it can be an amazing time to grow your network marketing team.   Given the state of our economy right now, millions of people who in a more prosperous economy might go on vacation are now sitting at home during break.  What might they be doing? Many of them will be going online looking for ways to earn more money in 2012.  It’s been reported that over 90% of Americans are unfulfilled in their jobs.  That means opportunity for you. No other industry is quite like Network Marketing.  People have dreams, big dreams, and most of them will never be realized with the typical “job.”   The average “job” will never pay quite enough to allow people to live the lifestyle they desire.

In Network Marketing, you have a great vehicle to help people get to where they want to go in life.  You have an answer for them.  Millions of people put their heads on their pillows at night thinking ‘how am I going to get more money?’  They are frustrated at work, frustrated in life and area looking for an answer.  More than 95% of all Network Marketers never achieve a significant income in their businesses.  They are looking for answers.  You may just have a solution for them.

If you are struggling in your business, then find your answers. Look to the people who’ve had success before you and do what they do.   However you choose to spend your time during this holiday season, there are things you can do to prepare yourself for a great 2012.


Here are a few tips:

  1. Offline
    -In your warm market, speak with friends and family about your business, but here’s a little caveat- do NOT discuss your business at holiday parties. Use this time to socialize with them, ask them questions, learn more about them.  Find what their needs are when you are at these gatherings, then a few days later, call them when they are at home.

    – When you are out and about town, gather business cards.  You can find them on bulletin boards at your local coffee shop, deli, carwash, and other places. Call these people, tell them where you found their business card, and ask them if they are open to other ways of generating income outside of what they are currently doing.

  2. Online
    If you are looking for ways to find prospects online here are a few ideas-Facebook is a great playground for making new connections and growing your business, but there is definitely a right way and a wrong way of going about it. Facebook is about building relationships, not throwing up on your prospects with your opportunity. Make sure you know the latest strategies for building your business using Facebook.

    You can sharpen your social media marketing skills with this free training on Facebook.
    – Or if you really want to step it up on Facebook with the latest on driving traffic and profitability to you, check out the Facebook Gone Wild training here.
    – YouTube- You are not going to believe the goldmine that awaits you with YouTube PPC (Pay Per Click)
    – Twitter Training- one of the top industry leaders, Ray Higdon, gives you the secrets to success using Twitter


If you choose to go “Unplugged” this holiday season

You may decide to just hang out with family and friends and not “actively” grow your business.  Think about WHY you are in this business after all.   If you are in business so that you can be a better provider for your family, or so that you can ultimately spend more time with them, then give them some of that time right now.

When all is said and done, who or what is most important in your life? Is it family? Work? Vacationing? Traveling? Creating a new product?

network marketing go unpluggedI like this business so much that I do not see it as work at all.  It blends in with everything I do. My family doesn’t see it that way though. To them, if the computer is in front of me, they see it as work.

In the big picture of life, it’s only a week or two.  The success of your business will likely not be due to what you do in one or two weeks of your life.  Your business will likely not change significantly in a week.  It will likely, though, make a significant difference to your family if you spend time with them. Be present with them.  Your prospects will not notice your absence, but your family will.

Take this time to recharge your batteries. Reflect on this past year. What did you do well? What would you do differently?

Read a few good books or listen to inspirational audios. Unplug. Here are a few suggestions: Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Bob Burg, John David Mann, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, John Maxwell.

Do something different than you normally do. Your mind will be refreshed for the new year. 

Refresh your mind. Recharge. Reflect.
I think I’ll go hang out with my family now.

To your success,

Sarah Bailey



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