Quick Tips to Get You On the Right Path to Success in Network Marketing

Path to Success in Network Marketing MLMSo how do you know if you are really on the path to success in Network Marketing? What is one goal you really want to achieve and are committed to achieving this year? Did you meet your goals last year? If so, great? If not, why not?

One of the biggest reasons people don’t meet them is they are not consistent in their daily actions.

I have a few tips to share with you from the authors of the “Go For No” book, Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz, who also wrote “Million Dollar Year” and Jeffery Combs, author of “Psychologically Unemployable”; all are great books.

Take a piece of paper or poster board and draw 2 lines down the center of it, several inches apart (in other words, divide the page into thirds. At the top of the middle section write “GOAL” and the bottom, write “PATH.” (Video below also explains it)

Just under goal, write what your main goal for the year is. Maybe it is a monetary amount, a rank achievement in your company or the number of distributors you commit to sponsor this upcoming year, or how large of a team you commit to building. Maybe you declare to “Fire your boss!” I purposely wrote “Commit” and not “intend.” Intend is a word that is very non-committal and requires no follow through. Commit, on the other hand, does.

Now consider the activities that you need to do to reach your goal and write them in the center column. The center is your path and any activities that you do on a daily, weekly or monthly basis that draw you closer to that goal, go in the center column- on your path. All other activities, events go outside the path, and draw you away from that goal.

Sample ideas of what to put in the middle section- on your path
– Prospecting
– Networking events
– Personal Growth and Development (mindset), CDs, Blogs, YouTube
– Training calls, company events
– Exercise
– Adequate sleep

Sample ideas of things that take you off the path:
– TV
– Internet surfing
– TV
– Excessive talking on the phone
– Junk food
– Excessive dining out
– Negative people
– Letting prospects’ objections stop you

A question to ask yourself frequently during the day is “will this activity draw me closer to my goal or further away from my goal?” If it takes you away, then strongly consider NOT doing that activity.

Tim Ferris says in the 4-Hour Work Week, to pick out your 2 most important things that you want to accomplish each day and get them done before 11 am.
Jeffery Combs, outstanding success coach, who has worked with many of the top leaders in our profession says in his book Psychologically Unemployable, to ask yourself “What did I do today that moved me closer to my goals or further from my goals.

As Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz state in their book, Million Dollar Year, “every choice you make in life-every single choice, no matter how big or how small-is either on the path to your goals and dreams, bringing you closer, or off the path, taking you further away.”

Every night before you go to bed, plan out what you are going to do the next day that will get you towards your goals. Then do them. Every morning is like a rebirth for you, another chance to make things happen. In the short run, if you don’t get the things done that bring you to your goal, it’s no big deal. But if you continue that habit on a daily basis, you will be on a path to failure.

A big difference between those who succeed and those who don’t, come down to a few simple habits each day. It’s about consistency. As Jeffery Combs says, “success is not about what you do, but what you do daily.” The results you are experiencing right now are the results of your habits. If you don’t like what you see, or what your bank account has in it, then change your habits.

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Sarah Bailey

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