Not Attracting High Quality Prospects to Your Network Marketing Business?

not attracting high quality prospects to your network marketing businessIf you are not attracting the high quality prospects you are looking for in your network marketing or direct sales business, there may be just one simple reason for that. Millions of network marketers struggle, but not for the reasons they think.  It’s not about the business model.  The business of network marketing is very simple: we talk to people, send them to a presentation, and enroll them in the business.  That’s it.

So if it’s not the business, then why is it so hard for so many people to attract high quality prospects?   The answer lies, most simply, in your mindset.  You are not attracting quality because like gets like.  If you think that everybody out there is broke, then that’s exactly who you are going to attract. You will attract people with no money.  If you are calling leads and think that you won’t find anyone “good” from the list of people you are calling, then guess what? You won’t find anyone of high quality.

If it’s uncomfortable for you to ask your prospect for money, you are not going to get it. If you get nervous about asking for someone’s social security number or Tax ID, they are not going to give it to you, and they will not sign up.

If you worry that they will not give you personal information, then that is exactly what will happen. They won’t give it to you because it’s going to be in your voice, even if you think its not.

Even if you have everything else going for you and you have very good people skills and can connect with people very well, if you go weak on them and lose your posture during the close, they will hesitate and come up with an objection of why they cannot sign up with you.   They’ll tell you they don’t have the money, then need to talk to their spouse, they need to look at the information again, etc.

If you think that because of our bad economy nobody is going to sign up, then guess what? No one will sign up with you.  Traditionally, network marketing companies flourish in down economies.  In fact, right now, over 200,000 people per week are looking into home-based businesses, so the people are out there.  How do you find them?

They are everywhere. What has to change is your mindset.  Master Recruiter, Tom Challan calls it the “junk in the trunk.”  It’s dealing with your own issues and getting past them. We all have hang-ups and things that hold us back. When it comes to succeeding in the network marketing industry, the people who have the most success are those who have very little junk in the trunk or those who’ve worked through all of it.

Your issues may not be the same as your prospect’s issues. When you worry about people not having money, or worry if they may not make it in this business, it’s really about you and your issues. They may have completely different issues.  They just want to know that you are the leader that can help them have success in this industry.

If you think they will not succeed because you did not succeed right away, you will not enroll them, because you will not have the posture and confidence to enroll them.

How do you improve your mindset?  Work on personal growth everyday, preferably for an hour, but do it during off-time, not during your prime time for prospecting.  When you set aside time each day for working on your business, 80% of that time should be in prospecting (not sharpening your pencil, talking to friends, cleaning up, checking Facebook or LinkedIN, going on Webinars, etc, or even doing personal growth.). Spend 80% of your time on calling new prospects, 20% doing follow-up calls, talking to team members, etc.

Read my post on book recommendations for personal growth and development.

To attract the high quality prospects, then BE or become the person you want to attract. Do affirmations daily, with belief. Carry strong posture. Know that you are in an industry that does transform lives and know that you can do that too. You may just be the catalyst or the 1 specific ingredient someone needs to turn their lives around. The only way you and they will know it is if you talk to them. And that you do so with strong posture. You’ve got what it takes. Know you have something good.

Your hang-ups are not their hang-ups.

Get in the game and go for it. You want more out of life? Then get past yourself and get out there and go get it.  Stay tuned for more info on improving your posture and your success in network marketing.

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