If You Are Content to “Settle” In Life, You Can’t Play In My Sandbox

can't play in my sandbox don't settle in life for mediocrityDon’t tell me you are one of “Those” people.

Many people think they are just born to live a life of mediocrity and it really makes me mad. They think they have to “settle” or “deal” with life as they are currently experiencing it. They take what life has given them, they settle for the pay they receive at work, and instead of doing something about it to earn more money, they adapt their lifestyle to the pay they receive.

Most people I talk to want more out of life than they currently have, but most of them are not willing to do anything about it. They want things or experiences that cost more money than they have in their bank account, but instead of getting creative, they just settle for the pay they are given, and adjust their expectations. They think that’s just the way it is.

Sometimes I just want to grab people by the shoulders and shake them and say “WAKE UP!!! You can have anything you want in life!! WHY are you settling for mediocrity?!?!?! Why are you settling at all?!?!?

Here’s the thing. So many people go thru life with an “employee” attitude. And who can blame them? The school system prepares us to go to college to “get a job” which means, work for someone else, which really means, to help fulfill someone else’s dream.

When you were a kid, what did you dream about? What did you want to be when you grew up? Did you become what you wanted to be? Or did you just go to school and become what was expected of you? Either by your parents or by your teachers or even your peers?

Most of you who are reading this live in either in the USA, Canada, UK or Australia. When we were young kids we had no inhibitions about what we or who we wanted to be. We had big dreams. We didn’t worry about what other people thought. Somewhere between grade school, college and the working world, things changed.

We got caught up in the way society thinks. We get a job, have kids, go through our normal day-to-day routine. But what happened to our dreams? Who stole them?

We are at a very crummy time in history with the economy, right? Not exactly. I’ve talked to many, many people and what I am discovering with so many people losing their jobs is that they now have an opportunity to sit back, reflect and really think about what they want in life.

Millions of people are without jobs now. I’ve talked to people that got unexpectedly laid off. They had been in the same job for years and years, and many of them realized it wasn’t even a job they really liked.

So what is a person to do???

Take time to reflect and think about what it is you REALLY want in life. If you have never created a dream board or dream book, NOW is the time to do that. You only get ONE life, so live it to the fullest.

I challenge each one of you to examine WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT IN LIFE?
Here are a few answers I’ve received over the past couple years when I’ve asked friends, family and prospects and peers this question. Maybe it will help jog your memory to come up with some of your own:
1. Travel the world to see the best beaches in the world
2. Travel to all the away games of your favorite sports teams with your son
3. Send all your kids to their college of choice
4. See all the national parks in the USA
5. Have more free time with kids
6. Live life on my own terms
7. Be there to watch my kids grow up
8. Eat at the finest restaurants in the world
9. Swim with the dolphins
10. Visit the Great Barrier Reef
11. Work just a couple hours a day

Here’s the deal: you can have ANYTHING you want in life. Do NOT listen to the naysayers. Listen to the people who have MADE IT. FOLLOW THE LEADER! Remember the game of your childhood, where you did everything the leader did? Look at the successful people around you. The people who live the life you want to live.

Don’t just simply “wish” for a better life.

Do what successful people do.

Success leaves clues.

Did you get that? Success leaves clues! Look at what successful people have done before you. How do they organize their days? Does your typical day look like theirs? If not, adapt it.

Network marketing is one way people can get anything they want out of life, as long as they are willing to put in the work to make it happen. The work isn’t just about making calls and talking to people. It’s also about the personal growth and development it takes to become the person you are called to be in order to have the success you are looking for. The problem is, most people aren’t willing to examine themselves closely and they end up quitting before they even get going in business (but that’s a topic for another day!).

God has given each one of us special gifts and talents. Every life has value and importance. Find out what your gifts are and use them.

Go after your dreams! Don’t make excuses, don’t blame others. Get out there. Find a solution. MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!”

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