Why 95% of People Fail in Network Marketing

failure in MLM network marketingIt’s been said, over and over, that 95% of people who join a network marketing business “fail.”  Where this number comes from, I am not certain, but it has been repeated so often that many people believe it to be true.   This number, however, is extremely misleading. 

I’ve had many prospects tell me they didn’t want to join because they said nobody ever make money in MLM. One of my struggles since I first came into network marketing in growing my business was wrestling with this very issue.

If most will not “make it” then how can I, in good faith, go out and promote it?  I didn’t want to be responsible for anyone’s failure. 

If you are anything like me and wonder how you’re going to make it in network marketing when millions don’t, let’s look at who is REALLY in the 95%.

These people do NOT even belong in the 95% but get put in that category:

– People wanting discounted prices. They never had any intentions of building a network marketing business with that company. 

– People with smaller goals– if someone has a smaller goal of $200- $500/mo, who’s to say they have failed at all? They haven’t.

– People who want the tax advantages of owning a home business.

Those first 3 alone likely comprise a large percentage of the 95%.  Now, there is another group of people lumped in with the data who will not experience great success in this industry, those who sign up but who:

–       Have a poor work ethic and are lazy

–       Have unrealistic goals

–       Lack consistency

–       Lack discipline

–       Lack focus or determination

–       Have no personal growth

–       Lack vision and

–       Look for instant gratification


And then there are a few reasons that may have more to do with the sponsors:

–       Inadequate training (beyond the quick “How To’s” of how to prospect, like with people skills, personal growth)

–       Not business-minded

–       Were misled with promises of easy money, easy to build a team, the product sells itself

The 95% is composed of people whose only goals are to be product users, who have smaller goals (like $200-500/mo), who want the tax break, as well as the people who “try” to have success and “fail,” and those who are looking for a quick buck.  So to lump them all together and call it 95% failure rate is wildly inaccurate.

As far as the people who do try to have success and quit, I think one major reason for their failure is lack of commitment and determination to stick with it until they figure it out.  Network Marketing will expose people’s fears and insecurities and issues that may have been hidden or covered up for years because they had jobs where they’ve never had to confront them.  Millions of people who come into Network Marketing don’t put much effort in; in fact, the moment they face some opposition when prospecting, they quit.

And it is totally their loss and a loss for those people who they could have reached, whose lives could have been transformed if they were given the opportunity.  But they may never get that opportunity if you don’t go out there and share your business with them.

For my friends out there who believe in God, KNOW that God wants you to live a life of freedom, abundance and prosperity.  Any fears you have (fear of rejection, failure, success, disapproval), whatever they are… they do not come from God.  He wants you to overcome them. Grow. Develop. Prosper. Get over yourself.

You are created for so much more than you think you are. You have more skills than you think you do. You have value.  You matter. Get over your fears of talking to people.  Don’t worry about what others think of you.

If you want more out of your life and feel called to Network Marketing, then go after it. Face your fears and go out and talk to people about what you have.  There are more 6- and 7-figure earners coming out of the Network Marketing profession than any other profession in the world.

Instead of focusing on the 95% who don’t, focus on the 5% who DO.  Model after them. Do what they do. Look at all the people in your company and other companies who do make money in MLM; you will be surprised at some of what you see, people who you think, “THAT guy is making 6-figures? ….. If he can do it, so can I!”

Most Americans shun Network Marketing by saying “only the people at the top make the most money”.  The truth is, the people who get their butts in gear, change their habits, follow other successful people, work on personal growth daily, have successful habits and WORK at it, are the ones who RISE to the top.

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To your success!

Sarah Bailey




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