Do You Have the Right Mindset When Calling Network Marketing Prospects?

mindset for network marketing mlmQualifying prospects for your time and your business starts with YOU having the right mindset.

Prospecting is about 90% mindset and 10% skill and the questions you ask. You could ask all the right questions, but if you don’t have the right mindset when calling them, you will have very little success. You’ve got to get past your fears, doubts and worries and get your mind right, before you start making your calls each day.

Know what you are doing and why you are doing it before you start calling leads or any prospects for that matter.  Every day, before you start making your calls, reflect on WHY you are in network marketing.  If you have a strong enough WHY,

it will help fuel your passion to meet your goals. When you have passion and conviction on the phone, your prospects will be able to sense that, and they’ll be more likely to join you.

Have the mindset that you are growing a multi-million dollar organization (if you are), or that you are partnered up with a multi-million dollar company (which you probably are) and you are looking for top talent.  You are the CEO of your organization. 

Don’t be wimpy on the phone. There is NO reason to be.

Have the confidence and posture of the person you are striving to be. If your goal is to be a 6-figure earner, then ACT AS IF that has already come to you. Have the habits of a 6-figure earner and connect with people as a 6-figure earner would.

Many network marketers SAY they want to be a 6- or 7-figure earner, but have the habits of a 4-figure earner.  To earn a 6- or 7-figure income, you must have the habits of a 6- or 7-figure earner.

Model after those who are making the kind of money you are looking to earn, and do what they do.  And it’s important for you to think and feel the way you would if you were already earning the kind of income you are looking for. Internalize that. How would you FEEL if you were already making your target income? Take that feeling into your prospecting. It will help you with your posture as you are talking to prospects.

Have CONVICTION- that the opportunity you have is life changing. If it hasn’t changed your life yet, then use the testimonials of other people in your company or in the industry.  When you have this conviction, your prospects will be able to sense it or feel it and they will be more likely to join you.  I would bet that a prospect is more likely to join a new person who has conviction and passion about their business, than a seasoned network marketer without it.

KNOW where you are going in this business. People want to join those who are going somewhere. People like to be part of a movement.  It’s like a crusader going on a mission. You are the crusader and you are looking for people who want to join you on your mission. Your mission could be to financial freedom or getting parents home with their kids, helping people who want to call their own shots in work and free time and how much money they make. Whatever it is, have conviction about what you are doing.

If the prospect you are talking to does not fit what you are looking for in your network marketing  business, “next” them and go onto the next call. You are looking for people who are looking for more in their lives.  Don’t get rattled by people who challenge you.  They may have their own issues to deal with and the timing may not be right for them. You are looking for the people who want a change in their lives NOW.

Have more people to talk to in a day than you have time to talk to and then you won’t get too attached to any one of your prospects. Remember, you don’t NEED any single prospect in your business.  Probably 95% of the people that join you in your network marketing career you haven’t even met yet.

If a prospect doesn’t sign up with you, it doesn’t matter that much. It’s only one person. But it may make a huge difference to that person if they don’t sign up with you.

YOU have the goods. You have the opportunity. You are looking for the people who see what you have and they want it to. Don’t waste your time on tire kickers. It’s not worth your time. Do not chase people. People that are not worth your time are actually stealing your time and energy from you and it is not worth it.

Focus on people who DO want change in their lives. NOW.  There are people out there now who are looking for what you have. They may be waiting for your call.

Have the posture that what you have is a good thing, a great thing and can make a huge difference in the lives of others. You are looking for the people who are a right fit for what you’ve got.

Don’t take just anybody into your business. This is about YOU finding the right people for your business.  If you enroll just anybody, you will lose some of your posture because you will come across more desperate. Also, you will waste time and energy on these people after they join your business if they are the wrong people.


Use your time wisely now as you do your prospecting. Focus on what you are looking for. Think about the qualities of the people you want on your team and go for it. You don’t have much to lose and so much to gain.  Go for your dreams.


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3 Responses to Do You Have the Right Mindset When Calling Network Marketing Prospects?

  1. Ariel July 2, 2012 at 11:49 pm #

    This is speaking to me directly. Thank you, as i feel like i’m in a analysis paralysis stage with picking up the phone. Part of it is fear of rejection. But i want to come off like i am with the goods, and go on to the next if someone does say no.

  2. Sarah Bailey July 3, 2012 at 12:30 am #

    Ariel,I know how you feel and have felt the same way. One of the best things you
    can do is to focusing the prospect’s needs and desires,
    not on whether or not you will get them into your business.
    Until you start seeing the results you want to in your
    business, lean on the testimonials of people on your team,
    or in your company.
    Buy a batch of aged leads (I can recommend a couple for you,
    just send me a private message for the links). But
    something that was a huge hellfire me and may be for you
    uis to realize your1st 50 phone calls are mere “practice”
    for you, to help you improve your skills. I remember
    thinking as I sat down to call those first 50, ‘boy, I
    feel sorry for all of you…”, because I KNEW I needed
    to get through all of them before I started to feel
    comfortable. Sarah

  3. Sarah Bailey July 3, 2012 at 12:32 am #

    “help for”,not ‘hellfire’….. Stupid smartphone spellcheck. LOL.

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