How To Get Over Phone Fear When Calling People for Your Network Marketing Business

phone fear when prospectingDo you have phone fear when you think about making your phone calls to people for your network marketing business? Does your heart rate speed up? Palms get sweaty? You get nervous? Your voice gets a little shaky?

Do you find other more important things to do like clean the lint off the lint trap in your dryer? Clean dishes in the sink? Line up your pencils on your desk? Check email first? Check Facebook?

Believe me, I’ve felt that way too.  Sometimes feeling completely paralyzed with fear before making calls…. Now I actually ENJOY prospecting!! A year ago I wouldn’t have thought that possible.

First of all, let’s get a little perspective:

Most Americans are not happy in their current jobs and want more money than they are currently earning. I think it’s safe to say that most people want more out of life than they currently have.

You have, in the palm of your hands, an opportunity that can help people get more money and get more out of life.

They have a need.

YOU have a solution.

It’s simple.

So why do you freak out and get all nervous when it’s time to sit down and make calls?

Most of the time, it’s because you are making it about YOU, not about them.  You are probably thinking about how to GET people into your business, and if people aren’t signing up with you then you aren’t making any money.  You get nervous and fear the phone because you worry about them saying no and your business not growing.

Here’s the reality: if you aren’t talking to people, you won’t make any money. You should have MORE people to talk to in a day than you have TIME to talk to.

By doing 2 simple things, each day before making your calls, you can start to overcome phone fear:

1-    Get in the right mindset

2-    Think about your agenda for the call


Instead of just jumping right in to making calls, think about what you are doing and what mindset you want to have. It can make the difference between you enrolling people…and not.

The advice I’ve gotten from several multiple 6 and 7-figure earners, such as Tom Challan, Jeffery Combs and Dani Johnson, is to think like this:

You are the CEO of your own company and you’ve partnered with a multi-multi-million dollar company (your network marketing company).  Don’t look at yourself as a distributor; think of yourself as a “business developer.”  You are a national recruiter and you are building your empire.

You are interviewing people to be on your team. You are a talent scout.

You are looking for the most motivated people with the highest desires for more out of life. People who want more and are willing to go to work to make it happen.

You are a crusader on a mission. Nothing will stop you from achieving your goal. You want the best.  If someone is not willing or motivated to join your crusade, move onto the next person.  It doesn’t matter who says no right now.  You are looking for the yeses.  No one single person will make or break your business so it doesn’t matter if your friend, family member, business hot-shot, person on your “chicken list” or a stranger on the street doesn’t join you now.  Keep moving.

Know WHY you are in this business and how important your end goal is to you. Whether it’s to put food on the table for your family, provide funding for kids’ college, save for retirement, pay bills or whatever, remind yourself of why you are here.


Your basic agenda is very simple: you want to find out if your prospects are open to new income streams and to see if they are qualified.  That’s it.

If they are not open, then there’s not much point in going any further, but you can still ask for the referral.

If they are open, you’ll ask them a series of questions to see if they have what it takes to be successful in your business.  For a list of questions I ask when calling leads or professionals CLICK HERE.  When you take the posture that you are in charge, and you have specific qualities you are looking for, your posture will be stronger and you’ll be more attractive to your prospects.  In the beginning, you will be tempted to bring in anyone with a pulse, but I encourage you to be more discriminating.

What’s the worst that could happen? They say NO? Will your life come to a screeching halt if anyone says no? Of course not.

Most people do not go to their graves wishing they worked more in a job they didn’t even like that much.  Most people wished they had done more LIVING during their lives.  Only, they don’t see that while they are going about their lives day to day.  They are too caught up in a comfort zone of mediocrity and settling in life. You can be the light to them.

People are more open than you think, and as long as you don’t throw up on people verbally, act pushy, or chase them, but instead treat them as you would want to be treated, you can relax about prospecting.

You are just having a conversation with people. That’s it. You are looking for people who are looking.  Some will say yes, some won’t.  Don’t get hung up on the “No’s.  No may not mean absolutely not, it may just be not right now.

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To your success!

Sarah Bailey

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