Don’t Make This One Mistake I Did While Growing Your Business

Don't make this mistake in businessWhether you are in a network marketing, internet marketing, sales or any type of business, there is just one mistake that so many people make, that I did too, and hope you won’t.

If you are in network marketing, you already know that it is a very simple business, but that it is not easy.  What happens to millions of people as they struggle early on in order to “figure it out” is they often lose focus of WHY they even got in the business to start with, and the very thing that drove them to get started in network marketing to begin with, is the very thing they ignore while trying to “figure it out.”

If you’ve never had your own business before you will have some personal growth to go through to have success.  It happens to everyone.  Some people need more personal growth than others.  While I had a nice family life growing up, I also came to this industry with some baggage, that I didn’t realize I had.  And before I could help other people, I needed to do some growing of my own. Here’s a brief video I shot after a grueling 2 hour hike (bad hair day; although there was an amazing view in Lake Tahoe, which you will see).

To say that it was and has been a struggle is an understatement. And the people who suffered along with me are those I care about the most. So while I struggled to “figure it out” in this industry, I did the one thing I said I would never do, and that was push my family to the side. 

While you are building your business, do not forget about your loved ones. It’s so easy to get caught up in the phone calls, Facebook, LinkedIN, blogging, team calls, personal growth, training, learning, etc, that sometimes the important people in our lives get left out.

I encourage you to do a couple things:

  1. Set aside specific times you will work on your business
  2. Set aside specific time to be with your family and loved ones

Let your work time be your work time, and your play time to be your play time.  When you are with your family and loved ones, BE PRESENT with them, engage with them, have fun with them.  If you have kids, look them directly in the eyes when you are talking to them so they know you are actively listening to them (that is, you’re not texting someone or working on something while you are ‘listening’ to them.) It’s not easy and I’m guilty of it too.

If part of your big WHY for being in network marketing has anything to do with your family, do not wait until you “make it” before you spend that crucial time with them.  As you are figuring out how to grow your business, make sure you take time along the way to truly “enjoy” your family and loved ones. They’ll thank you for it, and may end up being even more supportive of your business along the way!

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To your success!

Sarah Bailey


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