4 Simple Steps How To Do Follow Up Call in Network Marketing

calling prospects for follow up phone callSo you’ve already called a prospect for an initial call, then sent them to a company presentation (could be video or audio), and now it’s time to call them back and you want to know what to say?

There is an extremely simple process to following up with people about your network marketing business. (For tips on what to say in the first call, especially when calling leads, see this article: 17 Questions to Ask Leads When Calling Prospects.)

The recommendations come from several of the top leaders in the network marketing industry, but more specifically, Tom Challan, one of the world’s top recruiters in MLM.  Tom has been a coach and personal mentor of mine, and if you don’t know him, you will want to.  In one year, he personally enrolled 500 people, most of them from the cold market, and working part-time.  From that, his team grew to 40,000 people in 2 years. He’s a great guy to pay attention to.

Watch the video below &/or feel free to read the steps below, same info, different formats.

Here are the 4 steps to a follow up call:

Step 1 –

Build rapport- you want to continue building the relationship, continue the conversation from your last call.  Do this whether it’s someone from your warm market or a cold lead.  Could be as simple as “By the way, Susie, how did Johnny do at his baseball game?” or “Hey Tom, I wanted to ask you, have you always lived in Raleigh, NC? What do you like best about where you live?”  Build rapport for a little bit, then the conversation will flow naturally back to the reason for your call, to follow up with them after watching a company video or listening to an audio.

Step 2-

“Did you get a chance to watch the video?”  (If they say no, ask them when is the absolute soonest time they can watch it).  When they say yes, say “What did you like about what you saw?” Do NOT say, ‘what did you think?’ You are not interested in their opinion; after all, you have your own reasons for joining network marketing and you do not need their approval.  Keep the conversation on the positive side by asking them what they liked.

Whatever they answer about what they liked, then ask, “What else grabbed your attention?” or “What else did you like?”  If they say they like the product, do not go into a big explanation about the product; it will only lead them to more questions and they will want to go do more research before they join you.  If they say product, simply say, “Great! What else did you like?” Write down their answers.

Step 3

Questions.  Ask your prospect “What questions do you have?” Some people look at it as objections, but if someone is seriously considering joining you in business, they will naturally have questions.  If they don’t, they are probably not interested.  Questions are good. If they are truly interested in what you have, they will have questions about how it works, and how they get paid, and they will really want to know, ‘can I do this?’ ‘Can I get my money back?’  Keep your answers as short as possible.  Long answers or explanations will likely lead them to wanting to do more research.  When you’ve answered their questions, say “does this make sense to you?”

Step 4-

The Big Close!!  It’s a joke, because it’s not “Big” at all.  The close is so subtle, and flows so easily that your prospect won’t feel threatened or pushed into anything.  It’s not a hard-core question.  It’s simply this.  “Welcome…aboard.”  That’s it!!  Say welcome aboard and then immediately follow with  “I can’t wait for you to …. (meet so-and-so on your team, or to make “x” dollars in the time frame they specified.) 

It would sound something like this, “Have I answered all of your questions, Susie?” And she says ‘yes’ then you can say, “Does this make sense to you?” And she says ‘yes’ then you say, “Welcome aboard! I can’t wait to have you meet Tom and Kim on our team.”  Or you could say, “Welcome aboard!  I’m so excited to help you get into profit in your first week.”  Then go ahead and gather their information and enroll them into your company.  You can start with the question, “which address do you want your checks sent to?”

That’s it! Only 4 simple steps to the follow up call. You want to put your prospect at ease. Continue your conversation from your first call.  Establish a good connection, and let the conversation flow naturally.

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