Are You In the Game or IN THE GAME in Your Home Business?

Basketball hoopIf you are in a home business or in direct sales, I have a question for you: are you getting the results and the paychecks you were hoping for?  The answer leads to my next question about your mindset, which is, are you ‘in the game’ in your business or are you really ‘IN THE GAME’?

To illustrate, I’ll explain what happened at my son’s recent basketball game.  My son is only 11 yr old; he’s 5’7″ tall and has a size 11 shoe.  He’s built for the game! He’s extremely good and can be one of the best players when he applies himself.

I watched my son, who has skills and talents… NOT give his best effort. He was in the game, but he wasn’t IN THE GAME.  I watched all the players and I noticed there were 3 kids who clearly outperformed everyone else- they hustled the most, they had more passion than the others and it showed.

Those 3 players had a different mindset; they wanted the ball and went after and scored the most baskets.  My son was on the court, had a few good shots but could have done so much more if he was fully engaged.

The big AHA! moment came when I realized I was (am) just like him.  I thought I had the right mindset for my home business, but I didn’t. I’ve been in the game in my home business, but not fully engaged and IN THE GAME.  I make lots of calls and talk to many, many people, but realized I haven’t had the conviction and passion required to have success in this industry.  It’s time to step up now.  It’s time to change my mindset (and yours) to get fully engaged.  It’s time not just for me, but also for thousands and thousands of people who are also in this industry.

I may be talking directly to you.  Have you been fully engaged or just dipping your toes in “to see how it goes”?  I can tell you right now that if you have a ‘wait and see’ attitude, you will probably never see the results you want.  However, you can have success and meet your goals if you want it bad enough.  Be willing to go for it.  Let your passion show through when you talk to people.  Be fully engaged in your business.

Put the blinders on and get to work.  If you are taking time away from your family, friends and other things you could be doing to build your home business, then why not give it your best effort while you are working your business? This is time you will never get back, ever.  So make the most of the time.  Be as productive as possible with the time you allow yourself to work your home business, so that when you do take time to spend with your family and others, you can fully enjoy and be present with them.

When you are working your business, give yourself permission to speak with passion and conviction and to be fully-engaged.  And when it’s time to unplug and hang out with your family and loved ones, then be fully present and fully engaged with them too.

Hope this post has been helpful.  Please post a comment below.  If you have questions or want to speak with me personally, feel free to contact me directly.

To your success!

Sarah Bailey


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2 Responses to Are You In the Game or IN THE GAME in Your Home Business?

  1. Rick Herbst September 19, 2012 at 2:29 pm #

    RIGHT ON SARAH! You GOT IT! This is the kind of perspective that many miss. You gotta play full out in LIFE in order see the rewards. And it’s amazing now effortless it FEELS when you do. If you are playing with an expectation in mind that you will forever MISS the shot that you are set up for. And an additional kudos to you for your authenticity, honesty, and conviction!

  2. Sarah Bailey September 20, 2012 at 11:46 am #

    Thank you, Rick. You have been an awesome mentor and friend. You are an inspiration to me, and when I think about a person who has true passion for his business and what he believes in, you immediately come to mind. You are ALL IN in your business and I thank you for the example you set.

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