My name is Sarah Bailey, and after living in the Midwest for most of our lives (except for a detour in North Carolina) my husband and children and I now live in the beautiful state of Connecticut.

I am pursuing wealth and financial freedom and have a passion for helping, teaching and coaching others who want to do the same.  I especially want to be able to help others reach their fullest potential both personally and professionally as Network Marketing professionals.  I pursue wealth not to be greedy, but for what it allows us to do with that lifestyle, which is to experience and celebrate life to its fullest. To travel to our hearts’ content, to spend as much time with my husband and family as I like, to be there for my kids as they are growing up, to not have to worry about the cost of things, to give freely to causes I support.  With wealth I am also pursuing time freedom; there is simply too much in life to experience to have to be cooped up in an office somewhere working for someone else!

I have always had a passion to help others, through encouragement, teaching, inspiring, and motivating them.  I realize that motivation must come from within ourselves, but sometimes it helps when someone can ignite that fire within us to be the best we can be.

My first venture into Network Marketing was back in the 1990s.  I dipped my toes into the home-based business arena but at that time, was not ready to jump in. For 12 years I gained valuable experience in the medical field as a registered dietitian in major teaching hospitals, and in the corporate world, teaching and training individuals and large and small groups.  I realized, however, that as a dietitian I would certainly never be financially free.

This industry allows us to have the flexibility and freedom to run our own schedule,  be available for family, not report to anyone, to take vacation when and where we would like. We have control over how much money we want to earn.  Network Marketing also allows us to earn income WHILE vacationing, sleeping or playing! Network Marketing provides us the path to financial freedom.

I was introduced to a health and wellness company, which seemed like a natural fit, because, hey, I am still a registered dietitian. Well, after more than 130 presentations, and only 3 people signing up I finally decided it was not the company for me.  The products are great (I still use them), but I could not be passionate about that company.  The problem was, I now realize, that I did not believe enough in the company or myself to make it work.  I really tried to increase my belief, but couldn’t do it.

If you do not have belief in yourself, your company, your products, and the industry, your prospects will see right through that and you will struggle.  And I think that is what happened to me.

I have now joined another company and I love it.  It is the perfect fit! The service and products we offer help other businesses grow and generate more customers and referrals and what we do impacts people’s lives in a very positive way. Hundreds of thousands of lives will be impacted because of this business.  Giving those 130 presentations showed that I have the tenacity, the stick-to-it-iveness to make something happen.  I just had to find the right vehicle.

By combining my previous experiences in the medical and corporate world, by helping others and teaching and doing public speaking I can put them together in the Network Marketing industry with the company I am with now.  I will reach financial freedom while/through helping others reach their goals and dreams.  How cool is that?!

Having great leadership and a great team to work with is so important.  We have great leaders on our team that are willing to coach, teach and train others to really succeed in this business. I have been extremely fortunate to be learning from great leaders in the industry and on my team.  If you do not have strong leadership, you can still be successful, but if you have upline mentors to help teach and train you, it can make all the difference.  Learn from industry leaders.
Because of the mentoring I have had coupled with my desire to help others achieve their goals, I have very quickly begun to build a successful business with my current company.  I now have the belief in myself, the products, the company, and the industry to be successful.

I am building a very successful business now for several reasons:
– I believe in the Network Marketing model as a way to achieve financial freedom
– I believe in the products, the company and the compensation plan we have
– I have the desire, determination and dedication to make it happen
– I have had a great personal mentor in my upline who has been an unbelievable coach
-I am having fun (who knew you could make money by having so much fun?!!)
-I want to pass along the things that I have learned and I want to teach, coach and train others to succeed in this industry.

If you have the desire, determination and dedication to see it through, you can make it in Network Marketing. My passion is to help thousands and thousands of people achieve success in the Network Marketing profession.

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