Magnetic Sponsoring

Magnetic Sponsoring:

“How You Can Literally Attract an Endless Stream of Prospects to You, Credit Card in Hand, Ready to Join Automatically.”

This is the original course on attraction marketing. It’s suitable for anyone who wants to become a more attractive seller. In the pages of this book, you will discover a little known Internet prospecting secret that has been quietly making thousands of network marketers rich–without rejection, frustration, or spending any money on advertising. In fact, should you discover this secret too, people will actually pay you to hear about your products and opportunity.

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Building on a Budget

Building on a Budget:

“5 Surprisingly Simply Ways to Build Your Network Marketing Business on a Shoe String Budget!”

In this course, you’ll discover some simple and cost-effective methods (most of them are free) for marketing any business online. It is suitable for any marketer working with limited funds and shows you how to make every spent-penny count. The methods described do not include post cards, banners, or bought sales leads. In fact, these methods are little-known and under-used but will easily help you generate hundreds, even thousands, of free leads every month no matter what your business.

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Send Out Cards

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