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mindset when calling prospects for network marketing business

Mindset When Calling Prospects for Your Network Marketing Business

ShareTweet Mindset When Calling Prospects for Your Network Marketing Business Have you given much thought to what your mindset is when you are calling prospects for your network marketing business? I imagine most people don’t think of it at all. They just start making calls. Well, if you are not in the right frame of […]

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17 Questions You Can Ask When Calling Leads for Network Marketing: Overcoming Phone Fear

ShareTweet Calling leads is a fantastic way to get comfortable with talking to people on the phone about your network marketing business, and it can certainly help you overcome phone fear and build confidence and posture. By asking the right questions with a good attitude, strong posture and a genuine interest in the other person, […]

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Do You Have the Right Mindset When Calling Network Marketing Prospects?

ShareTweet Qualifying prospects for your time and your business starts with YOU having the right mindset. Prospecting is about 90% mindset and 10% skill and the questions you ask. You could ask all the right questions, but if you don’t have the right mindset when calling them, you will have very little success. You’ve got […]

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Not Attracting High Quality Prospects to Your Network Marketing Business?

ShareTweet If you are not attracting the high quality prospects you are looking for in your network marketing or direct sales business, there may be just one simple reason for that. Millions of network marketers struggle, but not for the reasons they think.  It’s not about the business model.  The business of network marketing is […]

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Weeding Out Negative Beliefs About Growing Your MLM Business

ShareTweet Are you getting the results you want in your network marketing or direct sales business?  Have you noticed the link between negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, doubts, etc and the success you are experiencing or should I say, not experiencing?  In network marketing, this type of mindset will kill your business and any chances of […]

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